DOI: 10.1177/00208817231210236 ISSN: 0020-8817

Evolution of Russian Strategic Planning in the Arctic and Enhancing of Integrated Security of the Fuel and Energy Complexes

Sergey N. Grinyaev, Dmitriy A. Medvedev, Javed Zafar
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Geography, Planning and Development

The Arctic region witnessed a lot of geopolitical activism and contestation during 2008 to 2020. These activities have had direct impact on the Arctic Policy of the Russian Federation. The present article analyses the changes in the Russian Arctic policy, including security policy and their evolution and development during this period of changed economic, political and strategic environment. To identify and appreciate the changes in the policy, a comparative analysis of the Russian strategic planning documents towards Arctic has been carried out. It reveals a transformation of approach that ensures economic development and security of critical energy facilities situated in the region. The study also analyses the achievement of the goals set by the ‘Basic Principles of Russian Federation State Policy in the Arctic to 2020’ adopted in 2008 and describes the conditions for achieving the strategic goals in the Russian Arctic zone.

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