DOI: 10.1111/edt.12915 ISSN: 1600-4469

Endodontic and restorative management of an adult with avulsion of multiple teeth: A case report with 5 years and 9 months of follow‐up

Florin Eggmann, Andreas Filippi, Khaled Mukaddam
  • Oral Surgery


Simultaneous avulsion of four or more teeth is a rare event. This case report examines the dental care given to an adult who, during a bicycle accident, experienced the avulsion of a mandibular incisor as well as all of his maxillary incisors. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, four out of the five incisors were located, promptly collected, and stored in a tooth rescue box, all within a 20‐min window. Replantation and splinting were performed on the day of the accident. Endodontic treatment involved sequential intracanal dressing with an antibiotic–corticosteroid paste followed by calcium hydroxide prior to root canal obturation. 3 months post‐accident, signs of external replacement resorption (ERR) began to appear in all the replanted teeth. The gap created by the missing maxillary central incisor was managed with a three‐unit fixed dental prosthesis, despite the onset of ERR in the incisors used as abutment teeth. Regular follow‐ups showed a relatively slow ERR progression rate over a span of nearly 6 years. The patient expressed satisfaction with both the esthetic and functional outcomes. This case, marked by multiple avulsions, underscores the importance of immediate and appropriate intervention alongside the imperative for carefully considered long‐term management strategies. Given the decelerated bone remodeling rate in adults, ERR generally progresses at a slower pace than in children. Accordingly, this case demonstrates the viability of retaining replanted teeth over the long term, even when these teeth have been subjected to nonphysiological storage for extended durations, a factor known to impede periodontal healing.

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