DOI: 10.1177/13694332241232049 ISSN: 1369-4332

Efficient calculation of higher order time history response derivatives by substructuring method

Jiajing Li, Qiaoyun Wu, Shun Weng
  • Building and Construction
  • Civil and Structural Engineering

Time history response derivatives with respect to the design variables are frequently used in optimization design, damage detection, structural control, etc. This paper proposes a substructuring method for efficient calculation of higher order time history response derivatives of large-scale structures. First, the global structure is disassembled into several small substructures and the substructural displacement is projected onto the range space of a few substructural master eigenvectors. Afterwards, the derivative of substructural master eigenvectors of a few substructures containing the design variables are assembled to form the reduced first, second, and higher order sensitivity equations with a size of the number of master eigenvectors. The equivalent eigenvector which relates the slave and master eigenvectors is derived to compensate for the inertial effect of discarded slave eigenvectors. Finally, the first, second, and higher order time history response derivatives of global large-scale structure are efficiently solved from the reduced sensitivity equations by using Newmark- β method. A numerical one-bay plane frame and a numerical highway bridge are applied to verify the accuracy and efficiency of proposed substructuring method.

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