DOI: 10.1177/03400352231215489 ISSN: 0340-0352

Effect of humble leadership on knowledge sharing, change and ethnicity in Iranian public libraries

Mahshid Eltemasi, Samira Arami
  • Library and Information Sciences

This research explores the influence of humble leadership on knowledge sharing and adaptability in Iranian public libraries, with a focus on ethnic diversity. Using a quantitative approach and correlational studies, the study examined public library staff from various ethnic backgrounds in Iran, employing random cluster sampling. The results indicate that humble leadership positively affected both the willingness to adapt and knowledge sharing among library staff. Moreover, an analysis using the Kruskal–Wallis test revealed that one aspect of humble leadership – ‘Acknowledgement of personal limitations’ – had only a weak connection to ethnicity. Interestingly, Iranian Arab ethnicities expressed less preference for humble leadership yet knowledge sharing and adaptability improved among employees from all ethnic backgrounds. This research breaks new ground by simultaneously investigating various variables, including ethnicity, in relation to humble leadership. The findings have significant implications for public library management, highlighting the importance of effective communication and empathy in reducing employee resistance to knowledge sharing and organizational change.

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