DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10121010 ISSN: 2226-4310

Dynamic Modeling and Vibration Suppression of a Rotating Flexible Beam with Segmented Active Constrained Layer Damping Treatment

Yue Wang, Yiming Fang, Liang Li, Dingguo Zhang, Wei-Hsin Liao, Jianshi Fang
  • Aerospace Engineering

This paper uses high-order approximate coupling (HOAC) dynamics equations for the hub–beam system with segmented active constrained layer damping treatment (SACLD). To improve the damping characteristics of traditional active constrained layer damping (ACLD), the viscoelastic damping layer, and the piezoelectric constraining layer are cut at the same position. The damping characteristics of the structure are enhanced by increasing the shear strain of the viscoelastic damping layer. The finite element method is used to discretize the SACLD beam. The discontinuity of the SACLD beam element-to-element displacement achieves the notch. Based on the theory of rigid–flexible coupling dynamics, the dynamic responses of the SACLD rotating beam under different cases are studied. The results show that the segmentation method is not always effective. A SACLD beam provides better vibration suppression than an ACLD beam only when appropriate material and dimensional parameters are used. The influences of base-layer thickness, piezoelectric constraining layer thickness, viscoelastic damping-layer thickness, angular velocity, the viscoelastic damping-layer loss factor, and control gains on the vibration of the rotating flexible beam with SACLD treatment are also discussed.

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