DOI: 10.1177/19389655231214710 ISSN: 1938-9655

Do Visual Perspectives Matter? The “Matching” Between Visual Perspectives and Psychological Distance Improves Hotel Evaluations

Jun Ouyang, Yanli Jia, Qiang Guo
  • Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management

The present research explores the interplay of visual perspectives and psychological distance in consumer hotel evaluation. Across three studies, the results indicated that if consumers perceive a hotel to be psychologically distal, they process the hotel information more fluently and consequently evaluate the hotel more favorably when exterior pictures are provided than when interior pictures are available. On the contrary, if consumers perceive a hotel to be psychologically proximal, this effect would be reversed. The effect is driven by a “matching” between consumers’ psychological distance from the hotel (i.e., proximal vs. distant) and the types of information available (i.e., interior vs. exterior pictures) that generates a high level of processing fluency. Our findings provide actionable suggestions for hotel marketing professionals concerning how to display a hotel product with different pictures depending on its specific distance attributes.

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