Xingxing Wu, Jalil Manafian, Gurpreet Singh, Baharak Eslami, Abdullah Aldurayhim, Noor Alhuda Mohammad Ali khalil, Ahmed Alawadi

Different lump k-soliton solutions to (2+1)-dimensional KdV system using Hirota binary Bell polynomials

  • General Physics and Astronomy

Abstract In this article, the (2+1)-dimensional KdV equation by Hirota’s bilinear scheme is studied. Besides, the binary bell polynomials and then the bilinear form is created. In addition, an interaction lump with k k -soliton solutions of the addressed system with known coefficients is presented. With the assistance of the stated methodology, a cloaked form of an analytical solution is discovered in expressions of lump-soliton rational functions with a few lovable parameters. Solutions to this study’s problems are identified specifically as belonging to the lump-one, two, three, and four soliton solutions. By defining the specific advantages of the epitomized parameters by the depiction of figures and by interpreting the physical occurrences are established acceptable soliton arrangements and dealt with the physical importance of the obtained arrangements. Finally, under certain conditions, the physical behavior of solutions is analyzed by using the mentioned method. Moreover, the graphs with high resolutions including three-dimensional plots, density plots, and two-dimensional plots to determine a deep understanding of plotted solutions that will arise in the applied mathematics and nonlinear physics are employed.

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