Suxing Jin, Yan Guo, Xiaoyong Wang

Development of Platinum Complexes for Tumor Chemoimmunotherapy

  • General Chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Organic Chemistry

AbstractPlatinum complexes are potential antitumor drugs in chemotherapy. Their impact on tumor treatment could be greatly strengthened by combining with immunotherapy. Increasing evidences indicate that the antitumor activity of platinum complexes is not limited to chemical killing effects, but also extends to immunomodulatory actions. This review introduced the general concept of chemoimmunotherapy and summarized the progress of platinum complexes as chemoimmunotherapeutic agents in recent years. Platinum complexes could be developed into inducers of immunogenic cell death, blockers of immune checkpoint, regulators of immune signaling pathway, and modulators of tumor immune microenvironment, etc. The synergy between chemotherapeutic and immunomodulatory effects reinforces the antitumor activity of platinum complexes, and helps them circumvent the drug resistance and systemic toxicity. The exploration of platinum complexes for chemoimmunotherapy may create new opportunities to revive the discovery of metal anticancer drugs.

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