César Raúl Monzón González, María Elena Sánchez Vergara, Milton Carlos Elías‐Espinosa, Sergio Arturo Rodríguez‐Valencia, Byron José López‐Mayorga, José León Castillo‐Arroyave, Rubén Alfredo Toscano, Octavio Lozada Flores, Cecilio Álvarez Toledano

Design of Promising Uranyl(VI) Complexes Thin Films with Potential Applications in Molecular Electronics

  • General Chemistry

AbstractIn this work, it is proposed the development of organic semiconductors (OS) based on uranyl(VI) complexes. The above by means of the synthesis and the characterization of the complexes by Infrared spectroscopy, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and X‐ray diffraction. Films of these complexes were deposited and subsequently, topographic and structural characterization was carried out by Scanning Electron Microscopy, X‐ray diffraction, and Atomic Force Microscopy. Additionally, the nanomechanical evaluation was performed to know the stiffness of uranyl films using their modulus of elasticity. Also, the optical characterization took place in the devices and their bandgap value ranges between 2.40 and 2.93 eV being the minor for the film of the uranyl complex with the N on pyridine in position 4 (2 c). Finally, the electrical behavior of the uranyl(VI) films was evaluated, and important differences were obtained: the uranyl complex with the N on pyridine in position 2 (2 a) film is not influenced by changes in lighting and its current density is in the order of 10−3 A/cm2. The film with uranyl complex with the N on pyridine in position 3 (2 b) and 2 c presents a greater current flow under lighting conditions and two orders of magnitude larger than in film 2 a. In these films 2 b and 2 c, ohmic behavior occurs at low voltages, while at high voltages the charge transport changes to space‐charge limited current behavior.

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