Chenxi Hu, Kathleen Kash, Hongping Zhao

Design of AlGaN-Zn(Si,Ge)N2 quantum wells for high-efficiency ultraviolet light emitters

  • General Physics and Astronomy

The effect of inserting a nm-scale layer of Zn(Si,Ge)N2 into an AlGaN quantum well structure designed for light emission in the wavelength range from 255 to 305 nm is investigated here. The enhanced confinement of the hole within the quantum well results in an enhancement of the overlap of the hole and electron wave functions, resulting in an enhancement of the radiative recombination rate. In this theoretical calculation, for emission at a 270 nm wavelength, the enhancement in the wavefunction overlap can reach a factor of 7 when compared to an AlGaN quantum well device specifically engineered for optimal emission at the identical wavelength. Increases of almost an order of magnitude in both the peak spontaneous emission intensity and the radiative recombination rate are predicted. The peak emission wavelength can be tuned from 255 to 305 nm by adjusting the width and/or the composition of the inserted layer. The proposed structures provide a route to higher efficiency ultraviolet practical light emitting diodes and lasers.

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