Suha S. Husain, Ayad Q. Al-Dujaili, Alaa Abdulhady Jaber, Amjad J. Humaidi, Raaed S. Al-Azzawi

Design of a Robust Controller Based on Barrier Function for Vehicle Steer-by-Wire Systems

  • Automotive Engineering

In this research paper, a recent robust control scheme was proposed and designed for a VSbW (vehicle steer-by-wire) system. Using an integral sliding mode control (ISMC) design based on barrier function (ISMCbf) could improve the robustness of ISMCs. This control scheme, due to the characteristics of the barrier function, can improve the robustness of the proposed controller better than that based on the conventional SMC or integral SMC (ISMC). The ISMCbf scheme exhibits all the benefits of the conventional ISMC with the addition of two main advantages: it does not require prior knowledge of perturbation bounds or their derivatives, and it can effectively eliminate the chattering phenomenon associated with the classical ISMC due to the smooth characteristics of the barrier function. On the other hand, in terms of the design implementation, the ISMCbf is simpler than the ISMC. In this study, the mathematical dynamical model of the VSbW plant was first presented. Then, the control design of the ISMCbf scheme was developed. The numerical results showed that the proposed scheme is superior to the conventional ISMC. The superiority of the proposed ISMCbf controller versus the classical ISM has been evaluated under three different uncertain conditions, and three scenarios can be deduced: a slalom path, quick steering, and shock disturbance rejection. Furthermore, a comparative analysis with other controllers from the literature has further been established to show the effectiveness of the proposed ISMCbf.

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