Xiaoxiang ZHANG, Yingmei WANG, Renjie CHANG, Luxi ZHAO, Xin LI, Yinxing YAN, Wendong NIU, Shixing MA, Haiyan SONG


  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Food Science

Traditional yield monitoring in breeding plots is manually conducted, which is labour-intensive and inefficient. To address this issue, an airborne yield monitoring system that collects yield information during the harvesting in plots was designed. The system consists of a host computer and a slave computer. The slave computer used weight and moisture sensors to collect yield information of crops. The host computer used LabVIEW software to design a data management platform that displays and saves yield information and draws yield distribution maps for data visualization. The host and slave computers communicate data through 4G networks. By designing anti-interference measures, the dynamic experimental results showed that the average errors between the measured weight and moisture content by the system were 1.330% and 2.800%, which met the accuracy requirements of yield testing in plot breeding. The results indicated that the structure of the system is reasonable and can provide reliable yield monitoring tools for researchers in breeding plots.

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