Mahtab Yadollahi Farsani, Zeinab Amini Farsani, Shohreh Teimuri, Mohsen Kolahdouzan, Reza Eshraghi Samani, Hossein Teimori

Deregulation of miR‐1245b‐5p and miR‐92a‐3p and their potential target gene, GATA3, in epithelial–mesenchymal transition pathway in breast cancer

  • Cancer Research
  • Oncology

AbstractBackgroundMicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small molecules that have prominent roles in tumor development and metastasis and can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. This study evaluated the expression of miR‐92a‐3p and miR‐1245b‐5p and their potential target gene, GATA3 in patients with breast cancer (BC).Materials and MethodsIn the search for BC‐related microRNAs, miR‐124b‐5p and miR‐92a‐3p were selected using Medline through PubMed, miR2disease, miRcancer and miRTarBase. Moreover, target gene GATA3 and their possible interaction in the regulating epithelial‐mesenchymal transition (EMT) and invasion was evaluated using in silico tools including miRTarBase, TargetScan, STRING‐db, and Cytoscape. The expression level of miR‐92a‐3p, miR1245b‐5p, and GATA3 were assessed on extracted RNAs of tumor and nontumor tissues from 36 patients with BC using qPCR. Additionally, clinical‐pathologic characteristics, such as tumor grade, tumor stage, lymph node were taken into consideration and the diagnostic power of these miRNAs and GATA3 was evaluated using the ROC curve analysis.ResultsIn silico evaluation of miR‐92a‐3p and miR‐1245b‐5p supports their potential association with EMT and invasion signaling pathways in BC pathogenesis. Comparing tumor tissues to nontumor tissues, we found a significant downregulation of miR‐1245b‐5p and miR‐92a‐3p and upregulation of GATA3. Patients with BC who had decreased miR‐92a‐3p expression also had higher rates of advanced stage/grade and ER expression, whereas decreased miR‐1245b‐5p expression was only linked to ER expression and was not associated with lymph node metastasis. The AUC of miR‐1245b‐5p, miR‐92a‐3p, and GATA3 using ROC curve was determined 0.6449 (p = .0239), 0.5980 (p = .1526), and 0.7415 (p < .0001), respectively, which showed a significant diagnostic accuracy of miR‐1245b‐5p and GATA3 between the BC patients and healthy individuals.ConclusionMiR‐1245b‐5p, miR‐92a‐3p, and GATA3 gene contribute to BC pathogenesis and they may be having potential regulatory roles in signaling pathways involved in invasion and EMT pathways in BC pathogenesis, as a result of these findings. More research is needed to determine the regulatory mechanisms that they control.

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