Paul J. Resong, Jiangong Niu, Gabrielle F. Duhon, Lewis E. Foxhall, Sanjay Shete, Robert J. Volk, Iakovos Toumazis

Acceptability of Personalized Lung Cancer Screening Program Among Primary Care Providers

  • Cancer Research
  • Oncology

Abstract Current lung cancer screening (LCS) guidelines rely on age and smoking history. Despite its benefit, only 5-15% of eligible patients receive LCS. Personalized screening strategies select individuals based on their lung cancer risk and may increase LCS’s effectiveness. We assess current LCS practices and the acceptability of personalized LCS among primary care providers (PCP) in Texas. We surveyed 32,983 Texas-based PCPs on an existing network (Protocol 2019-1257; PI: Dr. Shete) and 300 attendees of the 2022 Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP) conference. We analyzed the responses by subgroups of interest. Using nonparametric bootstrap, we derived an enriched dataset to develop logistic regression models to understand current LCS practices and acceptability of personalized LCS. Response rates were 0.3% (n=91) and 15% (n=60) for the 2019-1257 and TAFP surveys, respectively. Most (84%) respondents regularly assess LCS in their practice. Half of the respondents were interested in adopting personalized LCS. The majority (66%) of respondents expressed concerns regarding time availability with the personalized LCS. Most respondents would use biomarkers as an adjunct to assess eligibility (58%), or to help guide indeterminate clinical findings (63%). There is a need to enhance the engagement of Texas-based PCPs in LCS. Most of the respondents expressed interest in personalized LCS. Time availability was the main concern related to personalized LCS. Findings from this project highlight the need for better education of Texas-based PCPs on the benefits of LCS, and the development of efficient decision tools to ensure successful implementation of personalized LCS.

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