Yao Zhao, Qingsong Liu, He Tian, Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling, Zhe Zhang

DeepRED Based Sparse SAR Imaging

  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

The integration of deep neural networks into sparse synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging is explored to enhance SAR imaging performance and reduce the system’s sampling rate. However, the scarcity of training samples and mismatches between the training data and the SAR system pose significant challenges to the method’s further development. In this paper, we propose a novel SAR imaging approach based on deep image prior powered by RED (DeepRED), enabling unsupervised SAR imaging without the need for additional training data. Initially, DeepRED is introduced as the regularization technique within the sparse SAR imaging model. Subsequently, variable splitting and the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) are employed to solve the imaging model, alternately updating the magnitude and phase of the SAR image. Additionally, the SAR echo simulation operator is utilized as an observation model to enhance computational efficiency. Through simulations and real data experiments, we demonstrate that our method maintains imaging quality and system downsampling rate on par with deep-neural-network-based sparse SAR imaging but without the requirement for training data.

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