Nildhara Parsana, Omar El Seoud, Azza Al‐Ghamdi, Naresh Kasoju, Naved Malek

Deep Eutectic Solvent and Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Based Self‐healable, Injectable and Adhesive „Eutectogel”: An Emerging Drug Delivery Vehicle

  • General Chemistry

AbstractMultifunctional polymeric eutectogel with characteristics such as self‐healing, adhesive, moldable, load bearable and penetrable through the stratum corneum layer of skin is vital for designing highly efficient platform for the new age sustained transdermal drug delivery. Inspired by the sea cucumber, which can loosen and tighten its body and merge collagen fibers to regain firmness, a biomimetic multifunctional polymeric eutectogel with above mentioned characteristics is developed here through interacting natural deep eutectic solvent (NADES) with poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA). Hydrogen bonding interactions responsible for the formation of eutectogel, its porous three‐dimensional fibrous network morphology and mechanical strength as well as thixotropic behavior were assessed using state of the art analytical techniques. The eutectogel also exhibited multifunctional properties such as phase transition, in‐vitro degradation and stability as a function of temperature, pH and salt concentration, respectively apart from its multifunctional characteristics. The eutectogel‐bound cotton patch with high absorptivity and stability (750 % high) of curcumin was developed. The eutectogel was further investigated for its potential as the transdermal delivery vehicle for the encapsulation and delivery of anticancer drug, 5‐Fluoro Uracil. Skin permeation study and chemotherapeutic activity against MCF‐07 human breast cancer cell lines were evaluated, showing promising results.

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