Shefali Pawar, Doojin Lee, Harry Skinner, Seong-Youp Suh, Alexander Yakovlev

Decoupling and Cloaking of Rectangular and Circular Patch Antennas and Interleaved Antenna Arrays with Planar Coated Metasurfaces at C-Band Frequencies—Design and Simulation Study

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Instrumentation
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics
  • Analytical Chemistry

An electromagnetic cloaking approach is employed with the intention to curb the destructive effects of mutual interference for rectangular and circularly shaped patch antennas situated in a tight spacing. Primarily, we show that by coating the top surface of each patch with an appropriately designed metasurface, the mutual coupling is considerably reduced between the antennas. Furthermore, the cloak construct is extended to a tightly spaced, interleaved linear patch antenna array configuration and it is shown that the coated metasurfaces successfully enhance the performance of each array in terms of their matching characteristics, total efficiencies and far-field realized gain patterns for a broad range of beam-scan angles. For rectangular patches, the cloaked Array I and II achieve corresponding peak total efficiencies of 93% and 90%, in contrast to the total efficiencies of 57% and 21% for uncloaked Array I and II, respectively, at their operating frequencies. Moreover, cloaked rectangular Array I and II exhibit main lobe gains of 13.2 dB and 13.8 dB, whereas uncloaked Array I and II only accomplish main lobe gains of 10 dB and 5.5 dB, respectively. Likewise, for the cloaked circular patches, corresponding total efficiencies of 91% and 89% are recorded for Array I and II, at their operating frequencies (uncloaked Array I and II show peak efficiencies of 71% and 55%, respectively). The main lobe gain for each cloaked circular patch array is approximately 14.2 dB, whereas the uncloaked Array I and II only achieve maximum gains of 10.5 dB and 7.5 dB, respectively.

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