DOI: 10.3390/cimb46030153 ISSN: 1467-3045

Deciphering Glioblastoma: Fundamental and Novel Insights into the Biology and Therapeutic Strategies of Gliomas

Razvan Onciul, Felix-Mircea Brehar, Corneliu Toader, Razvan-Adrian Covache-Busuioc, Luca-Andrei Glavan, Bogdan-Gabriel Bratu, Horia Petre Costin, David-Ioan Dumitrascu, Matei Serban, Alexandru Vlad Ciurea
  • Microbiology (medical)
  • Molecular Biology
  • General Medicine
  • Microbiology

Gliomas constitute a diverse and complex array of tumors within the central nervous system (CNS), characterized by a wide range of prognostic outcomes and responses to therapeutic interventions. This literature review endeavors to conduct a thorough investigation of gliomas, with a particular emphasis on glioblastoma (GBM), beginning with their classification and epidemiological characteristics, evaluating their relative importance within the CNS tumor spectrum. We examine the immunological context of gliomas, unveiling the intricate immune environment and its ramifications for disease progression and therapeutic strategies. Moreover, we accentuate critical developments in understanding tumor behavior, focusing on recent research breakthroughs in treatment responses and the elucidation of cellular signaling pathways. Analyzing the most novel transcriptomic studies, we investigate the variations in gene expression patterns in glioma cells, assessing the prognostic and therapeutic implications of these genetic alterations. Furthermore, the role of epigenetic modifications in the pathogenesis of gliomas is underscored, suggesting that such changes are fundamental to tumor evolution and possible therapeutic advancements. In the end, this comparative oncological analysis situates GBM within the wider context of neoplasms, delineating both distinct and shared characteristics with other types of tumors.

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