Stephan Schulz, Bin Li, Christoph Wölper, Hanns Weinert, Hannah Siera, Gebhard Haberhauer

Cyclic Alkyl(amino) Carbene‐Induced Rearrangement of Ga‐Phosphaketene

  • Inorganic Chemistry

Reactions of LGa(Cl)P(cAAC) (L = HC[C(Me)N(2,6‐iPr2C6H3)]2, cAAC = cyclic alkyl(amino)carbene) with NaPCO and NaN3 gave LGa(PCO)P(cAAC) (1) and LGa(N3)P(cAAC) (2), respectively. DFT calculations on the nature of compounds 1 and 2 reveal a phosphaalkene rather than a carbene‐phosphinidene structure. The reaction of 1 with cAAC resulted in a nucleophilic attack of the electron‐rich P atom on the γ‐C backbone of the β‐diketiminate ligand to give compound 3 as the major product and cyclic 1,2‐diphospha‐1,3‐butadiene LGa(P2OC)cAAC (4) in minor yield.

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