DOI: 10.1002/mar.21946 ISSN: 0742-6046

Cue‐reactivity to brand logos of consumers with a compulsive buying tendency: A consumer neuroscience perspective

Mirja Hubert, Marco Hubert, Marcello M. Mariani
  • Marketing
  • Applied Psychology


Well‐designed brand logos can be critical in effective marketing strategies. By adopting a consumer neuroscience approach and the interaction of person‐affect‐cognition‐execution model, this study analyzes the behavioral reaction and neural activation pattern during the perception of brand logos in relation to the compulsive buying tendencies of participants. Results suggest that women are more cue‐reactive toward brand logos and show activity changes in brain regions associated with cue‐reactivity in (behavioral) addictions. Conversely, men are less cue‐reactive but show increased activity changes in reward‐related regions. Women with compulsive buying tendencies may be more susceptible to brand logos, which can evoke neural activation similar to addictive patterns, while men are less cue‐reactive but show hidden neural activation associated with rewards. This study enhances understanding of (1) how marketing cues influence pre‐addictive behavior and (2) gender differences in brain activations related to cue‐reactivity in people with compulsive buying tendencies. We inform further research on implicit and neural processes on how brands are perceived by compulsive buyers, particularly among male consumers. We also emphasize the need to protect vulnerable consumer groups, such as compulsive buyers.

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