Jing‐Hong Liang, Mei‐Ling Liu, Ying‐Qi Pu, Cong Wang, Shan Huang, Nan Jiang, Li‐Xin Hu, Yu‐Shan Zhang, Zhao‐Huan Gui, Xue‐Ya Pu, Shao‐Yi Huang, Ya‐Jun Chen

Contribution of individual and accumulation in social determinants of health underlying gender disparities in periodontitis in a representative US population: A cross‐sectional NHANES study

  • Periodontics

AbstractAimTo examine the impact of both individual and cumulative social determinants of health (SDoH) on the likelihood of developing periodontitis, while also exploring any gender disparities in this relationship.Materials and MethodsData of self‐reported SDoH domains and sub‐items based on Healthy People 2030 were obtained from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys between 1999 and 2014. Logistic regression models, weighted by survey responses, were used to examine the relationship between SDoH (including eight sub‐items and the cumulative number of unfavourable SDoH) and periodontitis. The results were further analysed by gender.ResultsA total of 18,075 participants (8867 males and 9208 females) were included in the main analysis, of which 5814 (32.2%) had periodontitis. The study found that certain unfavourable SDoH were individually associated with higher odds of periodontitis, and the cumulative number of unfavourable SDoH was positively linked to the odds of developing periodontitis. Furthermore, males exposed to more unfavourable SDoH appeared to be more susceptible to developing periodontitis than females.ConclusionsThe findings suggest that unfavourable SDoH, especially when they accumulate, are associated with an increased odds of periodontitis and contribute to gender disparities within the U.S. population.

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