Xinxian Ma, Tianqi Ren, Jiahong Tang, Jiali Zhang, Jiuzhi Wei, Yuehua Liang, Juan Zhang, Enke Feng, Xinning Han

Construction and Performance Study of Artificial Light‐harvesting Based on Al3+ Fluorescence Regulation

  • General Chemistry

AbstractA light‐emission system coordinating the amide 2‐amino‐3‐5‐dibromo‐N‐((2‐hydroxy‐naphthalene) benzoylhydrazine (R) and Al3+ was successfully prepared. Compared with that of R, the fluorescence emission band of the R–Al3+ group considerably improved. Therefore, using the R–Al3+ complex as a donor and two dyes (Nile Red and SR101) as acceptors, two artificial light–harvesting systems (ALHSs) were prepared. The energy transfer processes of the R–Al3+–Nile Red and R–Al3+–SR101 systems were confirmed. The findings will help in improving the current situation of ALHSs and have potential application value in ion detection and energy development.

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