DOI: 10.1111/asap.12385 ISSN: 1529-7489

Comparison of personality traits of two anti‐oppression groups: Vegans and anarchists

Sophie Desjardins, Annabelle Giroux, Dominick Gamache
  • Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
  • General Social Sciences


Veganism and anarchism are burgeoning worldwide, yet very few studies have examined the psychological characteristics of people belonging to these two anti‐oppression groups. The present study investigated whether vegans and anarchists, on the one hand, and activists and non‐activists belonging to these two groups, on the other hand, exhibit distinct personality profiles. To this end, a sample of 180 adults who self‐identify as vegans or anarchists completed an online socio‐demographic questionnaire, the HEXACO Personality Inventory, and the Dark Triad Dirty Dozen. A discriminant function analysis showed that anarchists are more likely than vegans to self‐identify as belonging to a gender other than female or male, or to identify with no gender at all. Further, the proportion of men was larger in the anarchist group than in the vegan group. In terms of personality traits, vegans scored higher on the Conscientiousness, Emotionality, and Honesty–Humility dimensions than anarchists did. Anarchists scored higher than vegans on Openness to Experience and Psychopathy. Activists and non‐activists were not distinguished based on gender or personality traits. While the dynamics of power and oppression toward humans and toward animals share common factors, the present results suggest that veganism and anarchism attract anti‐oppression advocates with distinct personality profiles.

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