Mahdieh Yariesbouei, Remco G. P. Sanders, Remco J. Wiegerink, Joost C. Lötters

Compact Micro-Coriolis Mass-Flow Meter with Optical Readout

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Control and Systems Engineering

This paper presents the first nickel-plated micro-Coriolis mass-flow sensor with integrated optical readout. The sensor consists of a freely suspended tube made of electroplated nickel with a total length of 60 mm, an inner diameter of 580 µm, and a wall thickness of approximately 8 µm. The U-shaped tube is actuated by Lorentz forces. An optical readout consisting of two LEDs and two phototransistors is used to detect the tube motion. Mass-flow measurements were performed at room temperature with water and isopropyl alcohol for flows up to 200 g/h and 100 g/h, respectively. The measured resonance frequencies were 1.67 kHz and 738 Hz for water and 1.70 kHz and 752 Hz for isopropyl alcohol for the twist and swing modes, respectively. The measured phase shift between the two readout signals shows a linear response to mass flow with very similar sensitivities for water and isopropyl alcohol of 0.41mdegg/h and 0.43 mdegg/h, respectively.

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