DOI: 10.1002/arp.1922 ISSN: 1075-2196

Combined use of drones and geophysics in enhancing cemetery studies: Two case studies in Northern Ireland, UK

Ruffell Alastair, Rocke Benjamin
  • Archeology
  • History


The real‐time use of drone‐derived orthoimagery and ground‐penetrating radar (GPR) facilitate conjunctive ground surveying and aerial visual reference of subterranean features within cemeteries. Geospatially referenced visual outputs allow sympathetic restoration and assist in understanding historical use. Two contrasting case studies demonstrate this: The first is a subterranean wall, built to separate Catholic and Protestant burials in a civic cemetery. The second example is the accurate positioning of unmarked inhumations in an Irish Famine burial ground, which facilitated preservation as a memorial garden in a hospital complex.

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