Junjie Feng, Xiaoxia Jian, Guoyu Jiang, Jianguo Wang

Charged aggregation‐induced emission luminogens for bioimaging and phototherapy

  • Chemistry (miscellaneous)
  • Biophysics

AbstractAggregation‐induced emission luminogens (AIEgens) have received sustained attention in almost all fields of luminescent materials such as selective biochemical sensors, liquid crystals, and anti‐counterfeiting identification. However, the application of neutral AIEgens in the biomedical field is often greatly limited due to their low water solubility. By introducing charges into AIEgens, AIEgens are endowed with good water solubility as well as specific binding ability to bioorganic molecules or special materials with opposite charges, thus expanding the application range of AIEgens. In this review, we focus on the design strategy of charged AIEgens and then summarize the wide applications of charged AIEgens in light‐guided treatments integrating simultaneous phototherapy and real‐time monitoring of therapeutic efficacy. Finally, we conclude with the challenges and application prospects of charged AIEgens. We hope that this review will provide valuable guidance for further expanding the application of charged AIEgens in the field of biological imaging and phototherapy.

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