Kelly L. Reddy-Best, Dyese L. Matthews

Challenging the fashion academy: Intersectional perspectives on justice in the evolving fashion system

  • Marketing
  • Strategy and Management
  • Materials Science (miscellaneous)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Social Psychology

This Special Issue of the journal focuses on the intricate relationship between justice and the fashion system, presenting a collection of groundbreaking research articles and reviews. The aim is to highlight the importance of intersectional and advocacy-based research in fashion studies, with a focus on historically marginalized identities. The articles employ diverse research methods, including literature reviews, material culture analysis, interviews and historical investigations. The articles cover a range of topics that examine justice within the fashion industry. One article critically analyses scholarship on Black women and fashion, highlighting the dominance of research centred on resistance, oppression and Eurocentric beauty standards. Another article explores the representation and experiences of Muslim women in modest fashion brands, examining the intersection of oppression, agency and capitalist practices. Additionally, the issue includes articles centred on fatness and fashion, discussing transgressive dress on YouTube, resistance against weight stigma on Instagram, and the historical development of sizing systems for fat bodies. Two reviews featured in the Special Issue provide insights into the relationship between fashion and intersectional feminism in American society, as well as the historical significance of Bomba attire in Puerto Rico. Overall, this collection of articles and reviews offers a comprehensive exploration of fashion studies through the lens of historically marginalized identities, shedding light on the industry’s potential to challenge discrimination and promote inclusivity. The issue calls for continued engagement with intersectional and advocacy-based research to drive the growth and evolution of the discipline, ultimately working towards a more equitable and inclusive fashion industry.

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