Chao Li, Wen‐jun Jiang, Zhen‐yu Liu

Carbon Nanofibers‐Based Anodes for Potassium‐Ion Battery

  • General Chemistry

AbstractIn recent years, with the global warming getting worse and increasing demand for energy, countries around the world are trying to develop new energy storage technologies to solve this problem. Currently, potassium‐ion batteries (PIBs) have attracted tremendous attention from researchers as low‐cost and high‐performance energy storage devices. However, due to the huge ionic radius of K+, PIBs face significant volume expansion during cycling, which can easily lead to the collapse of electrode structures. In addition, the poor diffusion kinetics of K+ seriously affect the electrochemical performance of the battery. Carbon nanofibers (CNFs)‐based materials (including CNFs, metal/CNFs composites, chalcogenide/CNFs composites, and other CNFs‐based materials) are widely used as PIBs electrode anode materials due to their three‐dimensional conductive network, heteroatom doping and excellent mechanical properties. This review discusses in detail the research progress of CNFs‐based materials in PIBs, including material preparation, structural design, and performance optimization. On this basis, this article explores the key issues faced by CNFs‐based materials and future development directions, and proposes improvement suggestions for providing new ideas for the development of CNFs‐based materials.

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