Eliza Cinteza, Corina Maria Vasile, Stefan Busnatu, Ionel Armat, Arsenie Dan Spinu, Radu Vatasescu, Gabriela Duica, Alin Nicolescu

Can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Diagnosis and Management of the Atrial Septal Defect in Children?

  • Clinical Biochemistry

Atrial septal defects (ASDs) present a significant healthcare challenge, demanding accurate and timely diagnosis and precise management to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare are rapidly evolving, offering promise for enhanced medical decision-making and patient care. In the context of cardiology, the integration of AI promises to provide more efficient and accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies for ASD patients. In interventional cardiology, sometimes the lack of precise measurement of the cardiac rims evaluated by transthoracic echocardiography combined with the floppy aspect of the rims can mislead and result in complications. AI software can be created to generate responses for difficult tasks, like which device is the most suitable for different shapes and dimensions to prevent embolization or erosion. This paper reviews the current state of AI in healthcare and its applications in cardiology, emphasizing the specific opportunities and challenges in applying AI to ASD diagnosis and management. By exploring the capabilities and limitations of AI in ASD diagnosis and management. This paper highlights the evolution of medical practice towards a more AI-augmented future, demonstrating the capacity of AI to unlock new possibilities for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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