DOI: 10.1515/libri-2023-0003 ISSN:

Building a Cultural Learning Resource Based on the Community’s Needs

Piyapat Jarusawat
  • Library and Information Sciences


This study aims to investigate community needs in order to develop the cultural learning resource of Suandok Temple, one of the most important religious monasteries in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is where, in the Lanna kingdom, now the northern part of Thailand, Lanka Wong Theravada Buddhism was founded. The study is based on interviews, with historical procedures, Shalaginova’s concept of Heritage Interpretation, and Berlo’s SMCR Model of Communication applied to the data analysis. The findings reveal the needs of the community, which can be divided into six themes: (1) important persons to Suandok Temple; (2) outstanding arts and architecture; (3) holy landmark; (4) community center; (5) education hub and tourism; and (6) cultural learning resources. While the first five themes are the contents of the cultural learning resources, the sixth theme offers the guideline and elements, particularly target group, type, and form of presentation, that would be appropriate to cultural learning. With suitable learning resources, users could become aware of and understand the importance of cultural heritage in their community. Consequently, the community as a whole could share a sense of ownership and a determination to maintain, protect, and preserve their cultural heritage.

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