Ranjeet Dwivedi, Maeva Lafitte, Lionel Buisson, Olivier Mondain-Monval, Virginie Ponsinet, Alexandre Baron

Broadband forward-scattering of light by plasmonic balls: Role of multipolar interferences

  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)

Efficient and broadband forward-scattering is a property of prime importance for meta-atoms if they are to be used in self-assembled metasurfaces. Strong contenders include colloidal nanoresonators with tailored multipolar content to achieve proper interferences that suppress back-scattering. We consider dense plasmonic balls composed of more than a hundred silver nanoinclusions. Numerical simulations provide a full understanding of the role played by multipole moments in the scattering behavior. They are fabricated using emulsion drying and characterized optically. Strong and efficient forward-scattering is demonstrated over the entire visible range. Electric and magnetic dipole resonances of equal amplitude and phase are evidenced. Such plasmonic balls could be used as meta-atoms for bottom-up metasurface applications.

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