S M Seeni Mohamed Aliar Maraikkayar, R Tamilselvi, M Parisa Beham

BIOPHYSIT: A Novel Biophysical Profile Database for Fetal Stress Measurement in High-Risk Pregnancies

  • Pharmacology

Pregnancy is a time of change. Stress during pregnancy can increase the chances of having a premature baby or a low birth weight baby. Any unusual changes in the heart rate of the baby in the uterus can be examined using Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM). Over the past decades, enormous devices and methods have been developed for EFM. Few devices are invasive and few are non-invasive in nature, larger in size, and high in cost. The main parameter needed to be analyzed during pregnancy is the stress in the fetus as well as the mother. For fetal stress monitoring, two main tests have been used such as CTG (Cardiotocography) and BPP (Biophysical Profile). The BPP test is very important in determining whether the fetus is in a suspicious or normal condition based on a specific BPP score. However, BPP is still used as a visualization method to assess the condition of the fetus. As a result, a quantitative analysis of the BPP parameters is required. But still, now there is no specific BPP database for evaluating the condition of the fetus. So, a novel database for Biophysical profile is proposed named “BIOPHYSIT”, which is used to analyze the health condition of the fetus using various BPP parameters.

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