DOI: 10.13005/ojc/390637 ISSN: 2231-5039

Bi-functional Cold Brand Reactive Dyes with Urea as a Bridge Group: Synthesis, Characterization and Dyeing Performance on Various Fibers.

Gaurav K. Rathod, Bhavesh M. Patel, Ketan C. Parmar, Divyesh R. Patel
  • Drug Discovery
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • General Chemistry

Bi-functional reactive dyes from the Cold brand that have exceptional dyeing capabilities. The intermediate for bi-functional cold-brand reactive dyes is 3, 3’-Disulpho-4, 4’-diamino diphenyl urea, which is synthesized through the interaction of one mole of urea aqueous solution with two moles of 1, 4-diaminobenzene-2-sulphonic acid. In this bi-functional reactive dye system, urea was utilized as a bridge molecule to give the reactive dyes significant water solubility. Incorporating various cyanurated coupling components, different colors are produced. It has good dyeing properties and provides a wide spectrum of shades on various fibres.

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