Felipe F. Lamenza, Puja Upadhaya, Peyton Roth, Suvekshya Shrestha, Sushmitha Jagadeesha, Natalie Horn, Hasan Pracha, Steve Oghumu

Berries vs. Disease: Revenge of the Phytochemicals

  • Drug Discovery
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Molecular Medicine

Secondary metabolites and phytochemicals in plant-based diets are known to possess properties that inhibit the development of several diseases including a variety of cancers of the aerodigestive tract. Berries are currently of high interest to researchers due to their high dietary source of phytochemicals. Black raspberries (BRB), Rubus occidentalis, are of special interest due to their rich and diverse composition of phytochemicals. In this review, we present the most up-to-date preclinical and clinical data involving berries and their phytochemicals in the chemoprevention of a variety of cancers and diseases. BRBs possess a variety of health benefits including anti-proliferative properties, anti-inflammatory activity, activation of pro-cell-death pathways, modulation of the immune response, microbiome modulation, reduction in oxidative stress, and many more. However, little has been done in both preclinical and clinical settings on the effects of BRB administration in combination with other cancer therapies currently available for patients. With the high potential for BRBs as chemopreventive agents, there is a need to investigate their potential in combination with other treatments to improve therapeutic efficacy.

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