Faizuddin Ahmed, Abdullah Güvendi

Behavior of spin-0 scalar particles in Eddington-inspired Born–Infeld gravity global monopole with harmonic oscillator potential

  • General Physics and Astronomy
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

In this paper, we investigate the behavior of a scalar bosonic field within the backdrop of Eddington-inspired Born–Infeld gravity with a global monopole configuration. Additionally, we consider the presence of both scalar and vector potentials. To introduce the scalar potential, we perform a transformation on the mass term, replacing [Formula: see text] with [Formula: see text]. For the vector potential, we apply a minimal coupling scheme, transforming [Formula: see text] within the relativistic Klein–Gordon equation. We opt for a harmonic oscillator scenario where the scalar and vector potentials are equal, i.e. [Formula: see text]. Through this setup, we analytically solve the wave equation using the confluent Heun equation form. Subsequently, we delve into the quantum system in the absence of any potential, determining the permissible values for bound-state relativistic energy levels and the scalar field’s wave function. Our analysis reveals that the energy levels and wave function are influenced by various parameters present in the eigenvalue expression.

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