DOI: 10.1515/ijeeps-2023-0158 ISSN: 2194-5756

BCLM: a novel chaotic map for designing cryptography-based security mechanism for IEEE C37.118.2 PMU communication in smart grid

Rajkumar Soni, Manish Kumar Thukral, Neeraj Kanwar
  • Energy Engineering and Power Technology


Today, creating a smart grid that is resistant to cyberattacks is a subject of utmost significance. One of the components of the smart grid that is most susceptible to a cyber-attack is the phasor measuring unit (PMU). The reason is that PMU employs IEEE C37.118.2 communication standards, which specify the structure and sequencing of data packets but offer no security measures. Users must implement the security techniques to ensure the protection of PMU data. Additionally, PMU communicates via a public wide-area network, raising the risk to security. In addition, PMU is a crucial component of the smart grid, enabling different crucial choices for the reliable functioning of the smart grid to be made using its data. This research suggests a chaos-based data encryption solution to close the knowledge gap and reduce the confidentiality assault on PMU data. For this, a brand-new boost converter logarithmic map (BCLM), a one-dimensional (1D) chaotic map, has been presented. The research demonstrates how the suggested chaotic map has better chaotic qualities than conventional chaotic maps. The pseudorandom generator is the chaotic BCLM system. The PMU data are encrypted using the random sequence produced by the BCLM chaotic system. The suggested chaotic map is not computationally demanding, making it simple to implement in a PMU device with limited resources.

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