Gengze Wang, Di Meng, Riqiang Chen, Guijun Yang, Laigang Wang, Hailiang Jin, Xiaosan Ge, Haikuan Feng

Automatic Rice Early-Season Mapping Based on Simple Non-Iterative Clustering and Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images

  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

Timely and accurate rice spatial distribution maps play a vital role in food security and social stability. Early-season rice mapping is of great significance for yield estimation, crop insurance, and national food policymaking. Taking Tongjiang City in Heilongjiang Province with strong spatial heterogeneity as study area, a hierarchical K-Means binary automatic rice classification method based on phenological feature optimization (PFO-HKMAR) is proposed, using Google Earth Engine platform and Sentinel-1/2, and Landsat 7/8 data. First, a SAR backscattering intensity time series is reconstructed and used to construct and optimize polarization characteristics. A new SAR index named VH-sum is built, which is defined as the summation of VH backscattering intensity for specific time periods based on the temporal changes in VH polarization characteristics of different land cover types. Then comes feature selection, optimization, and reconstruction of optical data. Finally, the PFO-HKMAR classification method is established based on Simple Non-Iterative Clustering. PFO-HKMAR can achieve early-season rice mapping one month before harvest, with overall accuracy, Kappa, and F1 score reaching 0.9114, 0.8240 and 0.9120, respectively (F1 score is greater than 0.9). Compared with the two crop distribution datasets in Northeast China and ARM-SARFS, overall accuracy, Kappa, and F1 scores of PFO-HKMAR are improved by 0.0507–0.1957, 0.1029–0.3945, and 0.0611–0.1791, respectively. The results show that PFO-HKMAR can be promoted in Northeast China to enable early-season rice mapping, and provide valuable and timely information to different stakeholders and decision makers.

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