Usharani Bhimavarapu, Nalini Chintalapudi, Gopi Battineni

Automatic Detection and Classification of Hypertensive Retinopathy with Improved Convolution Neural Network and Improved SVM

  • Bioengineering

Hypertensive retinopathy (HR) results from the microvascular retinal changes triggered by hypertension, which is the most common leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an automated system for HR detection and evaluation using retinal images. We aimed to propose an automated approach to identify and categorize the various degrees of HR severity. A new network called the spatial convolution module (SCM) combines cross-channel and spatial information, and the convolution operations extract helpful features. The present model is evaluated using publicly accessible datasets ODIR, INSPIREVR, and VICAVR. We applied the augmentation to artificially increase the dataset of 1200 fundus images. The different HR severity levels of normal, mild, moderate, severe, and malignant are finally classified with the reduced time when compared to the existing models because in the proposed model, convolutional layers run only once on the input fundus images, which leads to a speedup and reduces the processing time in detecting the abnormalities in the vascular structure. According to the findings, the improved SVM had the highest detection and classification accuracy rate in the vessel classification with an accuracy of 98.99% and completed the task in 160.4 s. The ten-fold classification achieved the highest accuracy of 98.99%, i.e., 0.27 higher than the five-fold classification accuracy and the improved KNN classifier achieved an accuracy of 98.72%. When computation efficiency is a priority, the proposed model’s ability to quickly recognize different HR severity levels is significant.

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