Maria Allegrini, Ennio Arimondo

Atoms Dressed by Virtual and Real Photons

  • General Physics and Astronomy

Specific properties of quantum field theory are described by considering the combination of the system under investigation and the cloud of virtual or real particles associated with the field. Such a structure is called a “dressed system”, in contrast with the bare one in the absence of the interaction with the field. The description of the properties of such clouds in various physical situations is, today, an active research area. Here, we present the main features associated with virtual and real dressings, focusing on photon dressing. In analogy to virtual photon clouds dressing electrons in vacuum, virtual phonon clouds appear in solid-state physics. The interaction between real photons and the schematized two-level structure of an atom paves the way to flexible quantum control. Here, a unifying Floquet engineering approach is applied to describe single- and multiple-dressed atom configurations. Connections with the past and present atomic physics experiments are presented.

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