DOI: 10.3390/coatings14010033 ISSN: 2079-6412

Atomic Layer Deposition for Tailoring Tamm Plasmon-Polariton with Ultra-High Accuracy

Mantas Drazdys, Ernesta Bužavaitė-Vertelienė, Darija Astrauskytė, Zigmas Balevičius
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Surfaces, Coatings and Films
  • Surfaces and Interfaces

In this study, we demonstrate the potential capability to control Tamm plasmon-polaritons (TPP) by applying atomic layer deposition (ALD) as a highly precise technique for plasmonic applications. Applications in plasmonics usually require tens of nanometers or less thick layers; thus, ALD is a very suitable technique with monolayer-by-monolayer growth of angstrom resolution. Spectroscopic ellipsometry and polarized reflection intensity identified the TPP resonances in the photonic band gap (PBG) formed by periodically alternating silicon oxide and tantalum oxide layers. The sub-nanometer control of the Al2O3 layer by ALD allows precise tailoring of TPP resonances within a few nanometers of spectral shift. The employing of the ALD method for the fabrication of thin layers with sub-nanometer thickness accuracy in more complex structures proves to be a versatile platform for practical applications where tunable plasmonic resonances of high quality are required.

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