Krzysztof Mielczarek

Assessment of the Production Process Organization in the Metal Industry - Case Study

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Metals and Alloys
  • Strategy and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering

Abstract The article provides a detailed case study illustrating the practical application of BOST surveys while focusing on the third principle of Toyota. This particular principle underscores the importance of achieving an even distribution in production to mitigate fluctuations and ensure the smooth functioning of the production process. The article delves into a comprehensive analysis of how this principle is implemented in real-world scenarios, exploring its effects on production efficiency and elucidating the advantages gained from the elimination of downtime and the prevention of excessive inventory buildup. Moreover, the article offers a discussion on examples of applications across various industries, shedding light on practical strategies for implementing the third Toyota principle. The goal is to not only optimize production processes but also enhance flexibility and adaptability to evolving demand patterns. The article concludes by examining the pivotal role of this principle within the broader context of operational excellence and the development of more efficient production systems. The research in focus centers around a company operating in the metal industry. Through the utilization of BOST questionnaire surveys, production workers within the company expressed their perspectives, revealing which factors they deemed most crucial. The analysis of research results takes various forms, including tables, histograms, radar charts, and several statistical tools. The overarching objective of this analysis is to identify and present the most critical factors by constructing significance sequences based on the obtained results. The findings obtained for small and medium-sized enterprises align with results from similar tests conducted in different business settings, indicating a level of consistency and applicability across various organizational contexts.

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