DOI: 10.33383/2022-124 ISSN: 2541-9935

Assessment Luminaries According to the Degree of Light Pollution

Alexander V. Karev, Stanislav A. Lyapunov, Nikolay I. Shchepetkov
  • Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

The article deals with the issues of assessing light pollution (LP) from outdoor luminaries. The contribution of various components LP to the overall negative impact on humans and the biosphere is analysed. The degree of negative impact of LP depends on the magnitude of the light flux, its spatial distribution and the spectral composition of the light. The paper proposes a method for assessment luminaires with light emitting diodes (LED) according to the degree of LP and the calculated index of this parameter. The analysis of the range of outdoor luminaires produced by Lighting Technologies Company was carried out according to the value of the LP index. It is advisable to include this parameter in the specification of luminaires and use it when optimizing lighting systems from the point of view of environmental safety.

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