Rajesh Prakash Guragain, Hom Bahadur Baniya, Deepesh Prakash Guragain, Deepak Prasad Subedi

Assessing the influence of non-thermal plasma treatment on sprouting of mosaic yard long beans (Vigna unguiculata)

  • General Physics and Astronomy

This study examined the impact of non-thermal plasma (NTP) treatment on the germination of mosaic yard long beans (MYLB) (Vigna unguiculata). The NTP discharge utilized 5.01 W of power and had an estimated electron density of 2.5 × 1011 cm−3. Optical emission spectra analysis confirmed the generation of nitrogen ions using the dielectric barrier discharge system. Seeds exposed to NTP for varying durations exhibited enhanced germination rates and higher vigor, with the highest percentage observed for 120 s of treatment. Seeds treated for 60 and 120 s displayed faster and more synchronized germination based on the Mean Germination Time and Coefficient of Velocity of Germination values. The NTP treatment resulted in mass loss in the seeds, with the greatest loss occurring after 120 s of treatment. NTP-treated seeds demonstrated improved water uptake capacity compared to untreated seeds. Water contact angle measurements indicated a shift from hydrophobic to hydrophilic behavior in NTP-treated seeds, indicating enhanced surface wettability. Scanning electron microscopy analysis revealed erosion and roughening of the seed coat following NTP treatment. These findings suggest that NTP treatment enhances the germination performance of MYLB by promoting faster and more uniform germination, improving water uptake capacity, and modifying the seed coat surface.

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