Murat İSPİR, Muharrem Hilmi AKSOY

Assessing the feasibility of off-grid photovoltaic systems for rural electrification

  • Applied Mathematics
  • General Mathematics

In this investigation, the absence of an electricity grid in numerous locations, including military bases, tiny houses, and chalets, prompted the development of a model for providing electrical energy through an off-grid Photovoltaic (PV) system in Konya, Türkiye. The study delineates the daily energy consumption of a residential dwelling as 39,974 Wh/day, and the feasibility of satisfying this demand through the implementation of a 9.45 kWp PV system is scrutinized. The research encompasses the determination of optimal tilt and azimuth angles set at 35° and 0°, respectively. The maximum global effective irradiation intensity, recorded in August at 208.3 kWh/m², contrasts with the minimum intensity observed in December, registering at 106.2 kWh/m². Likewise, electricity production attained its zenith in August at 1,581.3 kWh, starkly contrasting its lowest level in December at 791 kWh. Modelling outcomes conclude that Solar Fraction (SF) values equate to unity during summer but fall below unity during winter. Furthermore, a surplus in electricity generation relative to demand is observed during the summer, resulting in the full charge of batteries. Evaluating the annual average SF, it is deduced that the modelled system fulfils 90.8% of the energy requirement. The Performance Ratio (PR), an additional pivotal parameter in PV systems, reaches its zenith at 0.865 in November and its nadir at 0.614 in August. This comprehensive study underscores the efficacy of the modelled off-grid PV system in meeting the energy demands of the selected residence, emphasizing the significance of seasonal variations and key performance metrics in assessing system performance.

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