Ruiping Luo, Buyun Sheng, Kun Song, Yuchao Jian, Gaocai Fu, Feiyu Zhao

Assembly feature construction method of equipment mesh model for digital twin workshops

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

The digital twin workshop is the basic unit for realizing smart manufacturing. Its model is the prerequisite for applying digital twins in workshops. Geometric model assembly is the primary concern in workshop-level digital twin modeling. However, current research lacks sufficient focus on the efficiency and application modes of equipment mesh model assembly features in geometric model assembly, hindering the construction of the workshop-level digital twin model. The equipment-level digital twin model typically only contains assembly information between individual parts and is generally represented by polygonal meshes; the lack of assembly information between equipment models impedes the assembly of the workshop-level digital twin model. To improve the efficiency of workshop-level digital twin modeling and the reusability of the original 3D assembly information, this paper proposes an assembly feature construction method of equipment mesh model for digital twin workshops. A 3D assembly information model is constructed to describe the information related to the equipment geometric model and the assembly features. Then, the assembly features of the equipment mesh model are gradually positioned preliminarily and precisely, achieving precise mapping of the assembly features in the 3D information model to the equipment mesh model and efficient construction of equipment mesh model assembly features. Finally, with the construction and application of equipment mesh model assembly features in an arc welding workshop and storage workshop as an example, the feasibility of the method in improving the modeling efficiency is verified through relevant comparative experiments.

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