DOI: 10.3138/cjpe-2023-0024 ISSN: 0834-1516

Arts-Based Evaluation

Karyn Hurlbut, Astrid Brousselle
  • Library and Information Sciences

Arts-based evaluation is an effective way to engage people and uncover meaningful, valid results. In the project that was used to inform this article, an arts-based approach was used to gain an understanding of the effects the Communities ChooseWell Program has had according to the Champions’ experiences. Communities ChooseWell is an Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Program that promotes healthy eating and active living in communities across Alberta. The evaluation was completed using an arts-based approach which allowed us to explore varied long-term effects in different contexts. The arts used within this project include painting, writing narratives, and quilting. This article will present some reflections and recommendations that could inform evaluators that are interested in using arts-based approaches. This article starts with information from relevant literature about arts-based approaches to evaluation followed by what was learned throughout the ChooseWell arts-based evaluation and recommendations for evaluators when planning an arts-based evaluation.

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