Yavuz Selim Balcioğlu, Melike Artar

Artificial intelligence in employee recruitment

  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Business and International Management

AbstractThe primary goal of this research is to investigate candidate attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI)‐supported chatbots as an alternative to traditional recruitment interviews, aiming to understand the potential impact of AI‐assisted processes on the employee selection landscape. To systematically evaluate various factors and their relative importance in shaping candidate preferences, this study employed the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) as a decision‐making tool. The AHP approach facilitated the analysis of findings based on the sum of rankings assigned by evaluators to determine the relative significance of different factors. Additionally, a pairwise comparison questionnaire was utilized to assess the application of AI interview methodology within the research framework. This ensured a comprehensive understanding of its potential advantages and drawbacks. By comparing candidates' interview experiences across four main categories—performance anxiety, environmental compliance, self‐trust, and comfort level—the study results reveal that AI‐assisted interviews offer a more advantageous experience for candidates. This suggests that AI technology can play a significant role in enhancing the recruitment process. The research highlights ease of use and suitability for job interviews as critical factors influencing companies' adoption of AI interview technology. Furthermore, it sheds light on the aspects that organizations need to consider when evaluating and implementing AI‐driven solutions in their recruitment strategies.

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