DOI: 10.3390/journalmedia5010022 ISSN: 2673-5172

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Brazilian Digital Journalism: Historical Context and Innovative Processes

Moisés Costa Pinto, Suzana Oliveira Barbosa
  • Medical Assisting and Transcription
  • Medical Terminology

This article investigates the historical uses and types of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and resources in Brazilian journalistic products. It is a work anchored in critically analyzing the literature on the subject, mapping and observing cases, seeking to identify uses and innovative processes, and analyzing AI projects for journalism. A search was carried out in web repositories, specifically Google, Google Scholar, and Scopus, using the terms: “inteligência artificial” + “jornalismo”, “bot + jornalismo”, “Geração de linguagem natural [NLG] + jornalismo”, “aprendizado de máquina [machine learning] + jornalismo”, and “algoritmos + jornalismo”. The corpus analysis (N = 45) includes the evaluation of the impacts of AI on the production and distribution of news in the context of Brazilian digital journalism. We try to answer questions about the uses of databases, approximation with platforms, uses of shared codes, connections with other Ais, and sources of funding, and whether they are backend or frontend initiatives. In a parallel investigation, we try to identify if Brazilian newsrooms are officially using ChatGPT, a generative AI. The findings point to advances in using low-cost and low-impact AI, with the predominance of bots. The great availability of this kind of AI in web repositories is believed to facilitate native digital media to incorporate innovative processes in using these technologies.