DOI: 10.1002/jssc.202300306 ISSN:

Application of one‐step inner‐recycling counter‐current chromatography for the preparative separation and purification of chemical constituents from the rhizome of Bergenia ciliate (haw.) Sternb

Shahid Aziz, Faheem Akhter, Hidayat Hussain, Jiguo Liu, Huijiao Yan, Li Cui, Qixu Chen, Wei Cheng, Daijie Wang, Xiao Wang
  • Filtration and Separation
  • Analytical Chemistry

Bergenia ciliata (haw.) Sternb, the renowned pharmaceutical plant in Jammu and Kashmir of Pakistan, is widely applied in treating different illnesses including diabetes, diarrhea, and vomiting. This work employed an efficient one‐step inner‐recycling counter‐current chromatography for preparative separating and purifying compounds with similar partition coefficients from the rhizome of Bergenia ciliate (haw.). Five compounds, including quercetin rhamnodiglucoside (1), quercetin‐3‐O‐rutinoside (2), bergenine (3), kaempferol (4), and palmatic acid (5), were successfully separated using the optimized biphasic solvent system that contained ter‐butylmetylether/n‐butanol/acetonitrile/water (2:2:1:5, v/v) with the purities over 98%. Mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance were conducted for structural identification. As a result, our proposed strategy might be applied in separating compounds with similar partition coefficients, which was advantageous with regard to the less solvent and time consumption, and the increased number of theoretical plates.

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