Mihaela Kirilova, Yana Topalova, Lyudmila Velkova, Aleksandar Dolashki, Dimitar Kaynarov, Elmira Daskalova, Nellie Zheleva

Antibacterial Action of Protein Fraction Isolated from Rapana venosa Hemolymph against Escherichia coli NBIMCC 8785

  • Drug Discovery
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Molecular Medicine

Natural products and especially those from marine organisms are being intensively explored as an alternative to synthetic antibiotics. However, the exact mechanisms of their action are not yet well understood. The molecular masses of components in the hemolymph fraction with MW 50–100 kDa from Rapana venosa were determined using ImageQuant™ TL v8.2.0 software based on electrophoretic analysis. Mainly, three types of compounds with antibacterial potential were identified, namely proteins with MW at 50.230 kDa, 62.100 kDa and 93.088 kDa that were homologous to peroxidase-like protein, aplicyanin A and L-amino acid oxidase and functional units with MW 50 kDa from R. venous hemocyanin. Data for their antibacterial effect on Escherichia coli NBIMCC 8785 were obtained by CTC/DAPI-based fluorescent analysis (analysis based on the use of a functional fluorescence probe). The fluorescent analyses demonstrated that a 50% concentration of the fraction with MW 50–100 kDa was able to eliminate 99% of the live bacteria. The antimicrobial effect was detectable even at a 1% concentration of the active compounds. The bacteria in this case had reduced metabolic activity and a 24% decreased size. The fraction had superior action compared with another mollusc product—snail slime—which killed 60% of the E. coli NBIMCC 8785 cells at a 50% concentration and had no effect at a 1% concentration. The obtained results demonstrate the high potential of the fraction with MW 50–100 kDa from R. venosa to eliminate and suppress the development of Escherichia coli NBIMCC 8785 bacteria and could be applied as an appropriate component of therapeutics with the potential to replace antibiotics to avoid the development of antibiotic resistance.

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